Our Story

This story began many, many years ago.  A five-year-old girl was riding beside her grandma in an old 1970 Oldsmobile.  Windows down, radio on and her grandma, aptly named Thelma, was pushing 70mph on a gravel road in the plains of South Dakota, USA.  That grandma reached over and handed this little girl a chocolate chip cookie that took two of that little girl's hands to hold and she took a bite.  That moment, forever etched in her mind.  

This girl grew up to continue to love chocolate chip cookies.  Not just chocolate chip, but many different flavours.  Working to find the best version of those giant cookies her grandma passed her all those years ago, she has finally found it.  This is a thing that shouldn't be kept a secret, this is something that should be shared straight to your doorstep.  Hi.Cookie delivers unique, big cookies that are baked in small batches from the finest, all natural ingredients.  Whether a gift, to share with friends and family or a secret stash just for yourself, Hi.Cookie will be there for you.  We hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we enjoy making them and as much as that little girl enjoyed her first bite all those years ago.


Young Thelma circa 1950